i went to look at a flat round the corner – being at emilia’s flat made me realise how much easier life on one level is. the landlord had let this one without telling the agent, it turned out, but being in a warm, sunlit space with a giant bow window felt lovely. the flat next door to this one is being renovated and will be finished soon and hopefully i am first in line for it!

being away blew some cobwebs away, being cherished by lovely em, meeting her partner n interesting flatmates, going to the beach, going to a gallery and lucking in to a guided tour by the curator of anna barriball’s exhibition of drawing/sculpture…it was tiring and revitalising all at once!

i downloaded gimp and hope to work on some mixed-media assemblages, once i crack how to load my work photos into gimp as base layers, no mean feat for my bleary brain, but i can see a new way to ‘paint’ coming out of it.

new spaces seem to breed new possibilities – and the train journey along the coast, with open horizons over the sea was just what i needed, i could feel my optimism welling up again. space is the FIRST frontier, not the final one!