vanessa is a lovely gentle soul who has moved to ireland. a friend is going over to visit her so i had the chance to make a quote album for her and have it delivered, a real bonus. vanessa loves celtic hares, fairies at the bottom of the garden and spirit feathers so i found it easier to put pages together for her. i discovered with the one for jay that working on fabric is very fiddly, so went to paper, and used a whole glue stick! (yes, i know i should have used archival glue, go away!)

sorry the pics are blurry, i think my hands shook the tiniest bit, but you can still get an idea

i used cutouts from  books on egyptian jewellery andy used for his dissertation, celtic sacred art and tibetan mandalas. the books were all going mouldy after living in a cave, so i salvaged what i could and ironed them to hopefully ward off any spores…

i got out some burning tools – the electric wood burner, but also one of andy’s fork tools, a ram’s horn, heated it to red hot in a gas ring and singed away! i also played with hole punches, making holes but then glueing the cutouts back on in contrasting areas. the backgrounds include a lot of homemade paper and hand painted paper (brusho! mmm!) but i freed myself up and used …felt tip pens! DUN DUN DUHNNN! and a pigment liner and just doodled. this is new for me  and i wasn’t totally happy with the rilke page, but loved the mandala page.

i particularly liked this pairing! a nun on a slide and chuang tse’s reminder that what makes our lives good is what makes our death good. there are a few nun pix in this one, from some very old photos collected as ‘nuns having fun’, found in a charity shop! em and lai are getting nuns with hula hoops on their birthday cards!

the hare on the back cover is on a pocket for nessa to store things of her own in, and there are some photo frame pages so she can add images or favourite quotes of her own.

i hope keeping the momentum up on this one will help me finish the one for jay, now i’ve figured out why it was getting so hard! and someone else is getting a purple with stars themed one…i realised having a theme makes the embellishing far easier – aaah! aha!