making these quote albums is an interesting way of thinking about my friendships, and what my friends have in common, while all being very different in the world. this shows up to me in the ways i embellish the quotes, but even before that, in which friends i will be making an album for : this is not something i would give to my dyslexic friend, as inviting her to struggle with tortured fonts is the opposite of kind.

the star/friends quote on black marbled card made at a workshop, with stars punched out and stuck on was loved by jay, with whom i share a love of the song we are all made of stars by moby. she  made an astute comment about how i layer up in my process art, and sees links to the discussions i’ve had with her about my recovery process, how i stitch back the pieces after so much trauma. the scarring and faultlines are areas i work at, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. lots of my beauty in the world comes from still seeing, loving and making after being deliberately damaged, and i replicate this in my art making process, taking a surface through  some major events before i put it back together. there are always pieces lost for ever, but there is always something rewarding to see and  feel when the piece is finally resolved.

the same quote on green, with a moon made of complex cloth with a crescent moon charm sewn to it is in emilia’s album, and as i think she may travel to other continents, i think the moon is saying, wherever you are, whatever phases we are in, we are connected by the tides and unseen energies…

jay has a shamanic connection with plants and can bring healing to herself and others through what she has learnt  through her visions/experiences. emilia is still learning to follow her heart and to set boundaries on how she will use her skills to save undamaged habitats from exploitation. it’s demanding work and needs humour and loving support, and she feels very bad about sneaking the odd fag when she gets super-stressed, so this image of nuns smoking will hopefully make her laugh and remind her of the bigger picture 🙂

we are all made of stardust and organic process, we are all like snowflakes, the same and totally unique : how lucky i am to have all these friends!

there will be many more albums shared, but i will be packing to move so my attention will be on that and making an heirloom quilt for stacey’s upcoming wedding 🙂