these might give a clue to the reasons i like my new home – it makes me smile! the doors are laid out the craziest way, the first shot is looking from the corner next to the bed/sitting room towards the studio, the open door is the toilet and the wall on the right hides the front door. now looking from the studio, yes, that is an internal window, and the front door is at that crazy angle between the studio door and the stairs to the shower room, bed/sit and kitchen…the first window is the one in the kitchen and nonie-puss’s access to the garden, going up and down the evergreen…the last shot is the FOURTH window in the studio and faces the drive, overlooking a container garden and shed minded by a downstairs neighbour.

the studio is, i think the victorian bathroom, it has windows on each wall, a toilet next to it and a hanging light switch. it must be very hard to block all that light out to use it as a bedroom, but the minute i saw it i wanted it for my studio ūüôā

thanks to sterling help from a friend this evening, i now have shelves and my big wooden table up. this required moving every box in the first four stacks! two small stacks to go at the end, but i now have access to table, sewing machines, power points, good light from windows and a sewing lamp (with a magnifier).

lest you think i have been idle, a glimpse of components for gaia’s guardians¬† and as shown at wovenfest,¬† :

lessons to learn: showing next to a window wall makes it almost impossible to take good photos! i had to hang very quickly and from one hook, so from across the room it wasn’t striking, but closer to, people could get a feel of it – literally, i had wipes available, so people could touch. keri really liked the piece and kindly let me take her pic so you can get an idea of the scale of the pompoms… the one in the second shot took over five hours, and that was using 20 strand crocheted chains and fabrics to bulk it out…i also taught crochet to this lovely lad, josh, who really took to fingerknitting and made a¬† funky pompom, spiky sea urchin style, in about an hour. i was really impressed at how hard he worked, learning 3 new skills and making me laugh!

boy power!