more views of my new home, this time the bluebells (now faded) next to the drive gate. amazingly, this is a one minute walk from the city end of mansfield rd, with a constant hum of traffic…but it looks like a country lane!

this bare patch has been back-breakingly cleared by the guys in the flats, who also felled a dead cherry tree. there’s a victorian rockery with laurels and rhododendrons to the right of this area and i’m allowed to put sculpture/fibre assemblages there and round the edges. two of the trees by the gate have preservation orders on them and there are lots of ivy, holly and evergreen volunteers to make things round, so this is a ‘before’ shot 😉

it was interesting making an album for someone i don’t know, some of the embellishing went much faster i noticed, as though i’ve been cross checking what i was doing against what i know of each friend i was making it for…i was very grateful for the barter involved on this one, i have been so broke while moving and this really helped…i used a leftover piece of city and guilds work for the front cover and a left over winter solstice piece for the back, so it came together quite quickly. i had been very careful to pack  the album materials in a way i could access them without too much stooping and delving and over the last week i have enjoyed working on the pages. the landlord was here fixing the shower when i started branding lots of pages, he’s a very placid man, the scorching smell didn’t seem to bother him at all! i put a sachet of cassia and cloves in the front pocket, which smells very rich and some bells so it is a feast for all the senses. i hope it speaks to the woman it’s for 🙂