brusho is quite intoxicating to work with, the simplicity of dropping pigment onto wet papers and watching it craze/marble/ fox/spatter…mmmm….

i have been trying a new-to-me technique of collaging images and then scumbling over with gold or glitter paint, playing with felt tips to enhance the resolution of the page. i still have to take a deep breath before i “deface” a beautiful photograph, particularly as my photos are rarely as good as the ones i’m working over, wry smile… but this is part of making found object assemblage, upcycling a garment into a bag or pages doesn’t bother me, but book bothering! oh my!

luckily, i’m getting pleasing results, so i’m gaining confidence and feel on a roll. i’ve  assembled pages much more quickly this way, and had fun while stretching myself. lots more where these came from, then. it was lovely to spend most of the weekend working on layers of collage, paper or fabric, and though i ache horribly today, seeing my sections awaiting their final embellishment before becoming an album helps.

this album is for dr todd niehaus, the lovely chiropractor – he popped my clavicle back in on tuesday again and though i felt like i’d been beaten up the next day, i was so grateful. some pigs, some proverbs, some stitching…