apparently picasso used to annoy the surrealists he hung out with by asking them every day what they’d made, no coasting allowed. i’m managing to do bits most days (lots of pain this week, so that’s a win) and have become a tad addicted to finishing albums. so far this week i’ve finished the album for dr todd 3 times! i keep finding another little something, another weffer-thin-mint i can insert before it explodes. i started another album, but even that didn’t really stop me, after cherry simone left, i played with the pens again 🙂

i already know some improvements i want to make, but it is much easier to bind the signature (sections bound by coptic stitch) style than how i was doing it before. i found some more remnants of the kimono i made for the eco garments course, and am going to bind them to the spine of the next album, but the yin/yang came out so nicely on this i didn’t want to hide it.

so much fun! and so much fun knowing there is always another hill after this one, i can work every day the pain lets me, enjoying the journey as well as the destination.these proverbs made me laugh out loud: when the fox preaches, keep an eye on your geese (german) and a fox should not be on the jury at a goose’s trial (english)!  and finally : i know when it’s time to stop – nonie sits between me and the sewing machine!