dun dun dun dun daaaah!

it’s behind you…

i was practising making foam stamps last night, and came back from the contemporary course with new eyes!

psychogeography….hmmm…psycho geology…apologies to soraya and the other american visitors, this won’t make a lot of sense…




it’s postmodern art

slamming into the escarpment of common sense-and-proud-of-it

knocking over  the baby and the bathwater

and making a right old mess

building a pretty castle on a volcano cone

with no water

is fur coat and no knickers

all mouth and no trousers

derbyshire is a

fossilised tropical lagoon and

matlock, the motorbike riviera,

skeggy in the peaks,

a geographical joke…

hard work having fun

when the quarries are the last heavy industry

iron john looking at bluejohn

running out

the feelings round here run as deep as

the underground rivers

and where they meet the south

it’s all volcanoes

and spitting bricks

of Bulwell red marl