due to the bi-flag arriving late at the fade cafe pre bi-celebration day event, this sock, a purple sweatshirt and a bi-themed book became the signals by which a group of strangers could become friends! i didn’t expect to meet other peeps into mixed media (why not singing bird? perhaps because most bi events i’ve been to, talk of art opened no doors, and even glazed some eyes…shame!!! ) so my good turn to jennifer turned into fun for me and already an art/creativity exhibition is being discussed! if you are in the East Midlands or just v.interested, contact me via comments, interest more important than ability or recognition 🙂 ps if you saw me perform and want the words to loving beauty, click on beauty or poetry in the tag cloud

this sock is also going on the knit nottingham blog in their customer show-off section (er, it’s probably not called that?!) as an easy off-piste variation/stashbuster for those who favour diversity in all its forms 😉

by the time its mate (which of course does not match, how could you doubt me so?) is finished and on the way to edinburgh for the lovely em, they may be among my most clicked artworks…surely some mistake?