i just love the word possibility, and see one of my strongest assets as being my ability to increase options by creative thinking, both for myself and others. opening the box, pushing the envelope, open sky thinking, left field thinking, these are all phrases that bring a smile to my lips! one of the ways i most loved spending time with andy was thinking bigger, making an art idea he might feel was only possible when he was on a manic high mood swing something that could work without risking hospitalisation. it was certainly one of the things he most loved about me! most of his previous partners assumed these ideas would only cause trouble and would try and squash them, and i confess a couple of them i was very wary of…but on the whole, two creatives together just think even better, and we made a lot of beautiful things.

october 4th is national poetry day and october 10th is world mental health day, and on sunday october 7th, nottingham has an open mic night at jam cafe, hockley, 6pm-10pm, organised by (mental health pride group) mind freedom.  friday october 5th is the 4th anniversary of andy’s death, so i will go and probably perform a poem i wrote for the launch of his memorial cd. it seems the best way to make something positive, and that was our way of being together…

the nothing to something machine

the nothing to something machine

makes the handmade,

the homemade,

the spirit-led, practical action that turns ideas to objects

actions to experiences

celebrating possibility

the nothing to something machine is planting possibility

planting possibility in the minds of those emptied by

the marathon ratrace

the mazelike health and benefit dis-services

the cold hard intrusions of economic or other abuse

the nothing to something machine is inoculating with hope

those sickened by systems

that treat individuals as units on a conveyor belt,

pressing someones into nothings

the nothing to something machine is

thinking with your hands until the materials shape a new self;

playing with words until others laugh out loud at your foolery;

conjuring meditational spaces from oilpaint and canvas, stone and wood, soil, water and seeds;

turning cogs in your own mind to dynamise friends and strangers;

measuring for sacred geometry and marbling for sacred chaos;

sowing seeds that explode into lush vines,

yielding pumpkins for pies, bread, soup, jam, seeds again…

skipdiving for electrical cables, stripped from their ugly grey plastic

to gloriously shining, crazily curling coils of copper;

coppicing hazel for peasticks, bowerbuilding, wands, mobiles, puppets and beads;

playing with stones and feathers and minds!

turning the wheels, turning the world,

on a sixpence, on a sequin,

on the empty space, the pause, the intake of breath:

the inspiration to create

glittering threaded, velvet handling, rainbow paletted, confetti

showering and firework exploding exercises

exercises in mind expanding possibility;


possibility, the next and only, only and always work of

the nothing to something machine