after all that theory at contemporary conversations, i felt really in need of some material pleasure 😉

mmmm, sequins, mmm, multi strand variegated yarns

better now… 😉



i’m not really supposed to be adding to my fabulous collection of yarn by spending money i owe the bank…but sometimes, sometimes you see something really special… 😉

this isn’t dear, it’s £4 for 4 balls at lidl cheap-o-mart, and easily passed over, but, having done some reading on the eco garments course, i recognise its wonderfulness…it’s a yarn made from upcycled fibres, either pre n post fabric industry waste, or hopefully post consumer rag and garment recycling. it’s super soft, like teased fleece, the recycled pop bottle kind, not sheepses, and if you are ok with synthetic fibres, oh, so lovely!

which reminds me, when in doubt about how to recycle clean but really sad garments, put them in a binbag marked rags and give them to your favourite charity shop to send to the raggers, they get 50p a sack, the fibres have another life, everybody wins.

i then set to and made a scarf in dishcloth stitch (has many names, very simply, when you knit, wrap 2 or 3 times instead of once, repeat for the whole row, turn and knit off, makes a lovely loopy stitch, i just knitted a fake lattice lace shawl stitch for one of knit nottingham’s lovely ladies in purple sequin yarn and it does look nice…

this inspired me to put my stashbusting cap on and dig out some lovely leftovers, wind them into multi strand balls and make scarves. these will all be embellished with the machine cords i make for the sheer joy of putting colours together, usually the cords have a lot of upcycled factory waste cone ends in, those 1 and 2ply  nylons and cottons really add a pop of colour when you need it…