this isn’t what you come here for!

but if i want my studio to be a space for creating, i need first to create some space.

this has been a problem ever since i branched out into textiles and assemblage. to have the stash to be able to choose from a generous variety involves having much more than i can use at any one time, sigh. gone are the days of all my possessions fitting in the back of a hatchback car 😉

so today i had some spoons and motivation, and by playing afro celt sound system for momentum i spent an hour moving, sorting and moving things. that doesn’t include the breaks! caffeine is my friend 😉

i found many treasures – my embroidery scissors, hooray! and the buff and aqua (mmmmmmmmmm!) project i was working on just before i fell so badly; the thing that makes my smartphone a camera, and the instructions for it (no, of course not together! but they are now!)

i took 3 cardboard boxes down to the recycling and moved some fabrics into proper storage and got my collage and quote album bits back in one place and instead of these 4 boxes containing a random selection of crafty goodness, they are back as like with like.

wins : space, air, being able to find things, a lovely project that was literally knocked out of my head back on the table…all very pleasing!                                                                                                                                                                      

and for further inspiration, a favourite quote from leonard cohen:

ring the bells that still can ring

forget your perfect offering

there is a crack in everything

that’s how the light gets in