nothing is ever wasted:

good compost makes great plants

which make good compost

which makes great plants…

I love collecting leaves and making compost piles and mulching delicate plants for over wintering…

One of my solstice rituals is planting garlic cloves in pots, I like celebrating the return of summer on the shortest day of the year, only 3 weeks to go 😉


For the first time I don’t have to walk up to the woods for my holly, the garden is full of it, and lovely variegated ivies, including a bronzed ivy florists kill for. I made some red and green themed swags/ thick braidings and crochet chains from the cones we skipped the other day, and I can feel some components gathering for a yarn tag/organic intervention, I’m still hatching, but rest assured photos will follow…

STA43577   I saw seven squirrels the other day, greys, but so nice to see some life in the park, some  children were coming through noisily and scared off a female jay I was trying to photograph, again a delightful surprise on a grey day waiting for drizzle…but spotting the tiny flash of blue on the tan wings as she swooped down from the trees to the leafdrifts…lovely 😉