I thought it was really interesting how the whirligig was reflected 3 times on the bus windows and screen…


So high up!

A quote I found on risky wiver blog, that I am thinking about:

Never be so focused on the thing you’re looking for that you overlook the thing you actually find

– Ann Patchett

I am a bit wordless at the moment, perhaps after a tiring couple of days with painkillers for my collarbone, I needed to sleep lots today, but hopefully, I am heading for a weekend of making 😉 I have nice birthday meet ups first, but then some clear space with loads of leftovers so I won’t need to cook (!) and hopefully some energy to play with glue and collage some brusho papers over the cardboard cones. I had a bit of a tidyup after finishing the quilt, so the papers are to hand, and while they are drying, I could do more on the mixed media piece….so I am looking for art, what will I find? 😉