Ooh, the nice peeps at picasa have made me very happy!

Picasa is free, btw, just google it …

I cannot sing the praises of picasa enough, I am able to use their editing options so easily to reclaim the thing I saw from the photo I took! 😉 So many thanks to Jazz for downloading it and opening a door into possibility for me…anyway, in addition to the excellent  ‘repair’ options, there are many ‘playtime’ possibilities, and today I got round to playing with the posterize option, oh such fun!


So the first three are from full to hardly on fade; the next two are with HDR added, mmm, and another effect whose name I forget, but near the HDR, and then finally, my favourite image…

I have always loved wood cut and lino, but not been very good at them, and now haven’t the wrist strength (and am probably too accident prone anyway!) so being able to get anSTA43778-005 effect like this is extremely pleasing  to me, though I do wonder how the super skilled block cutters feel…STA43778-006


These are balls of yarn wound from the skip cones, more have been sorted out to give to a refugee friend and some have been wound into solstice/xmas colours for fingerknitting/crochet chaining non-plastic tinsel swags.