I am playing with string at the centre of a great net…


I hope not!

One of the lessons life has taught me about myself, and why I follow daoism and can’t manage buddhism, is that detachment is one of the hardest life skills for me.

Releasing the past is a great challenge for me, and I wanted to share a recent breakthrough on that with the person concerned…it had occurred to me that it might be helpful for him to know that I had got over my anger about what happened over twenty five years ago. (why yes, I am a slow learner, progress not perfection peeps!) Anyway, no good deed goes unpunished, some cynic somewhere said, and I got a guarded reply, which didn’t allow me to share my insight on how young we were, and how that affected the situation…sigh…as a buddhist, out would come the non-attachment sutras and meditations. As a daoist, I took my attention elsewhere…and had such a surprise!

I googled yarntagging, and started scrolling through the images…only to find 18 photos from my blog!

And the universe is soooooooo laughing at me!

Cos NOT ONE of them was of yarntagging!


I’m guessing here, but I think cos I have yarntagging in my tagcloud, even though the posts are not about that, the image would be enmeshed that way… πŸ˜‰

I was feeling my way towards being more confident about an..ahem..adventure with yarn scheduled for next week, and this has given me a such an incentive to do well! I want to be on that page for yarntagging! Forget perfection, forget non-attachment, I want to have some relevance/significance/recognition! Oh, I am so laughing! Who knew I had a little glory hound wanting out of her kennel?

So, some disentangling to do here πŸ˜‰ but at least it is me working on me, and unlike to upset anyone else…

Meanwhile, yarntagging: