To help lighten the darkest week, on Monday I had a yarntagging adventure 😉

Walking back from voting a few weeks ago, I noticed a derelict /neglected space with cast iron railings in front of it…perfect for receiving some return of the light decorations…

So, lots of freeform crochet and fingerknitting swags later, some fiddling with  little foil pie holders, and some lucky finds in the under-used box, and I had some components that were easy to hang, secure, remove and no hazard to children or wildlife.

Most of my motivation was to make some street art that invites peeps to non-consumerism, a random act of senseless beauty, and to hopefully give some easy ideas for decoration to the carers who wait nearby to pick up their children from infant and primary school, some of whom live in St Anns, a very deprived area of Nottingham…which sits right next to Mapperley, which has some of the largest/most expensive single family occupancy housing in the area…with big electric gates and scary alarm systems…

I had to make it easy and low energy, as it was, even with help I managed to put my collarbone out, sigh…a bit of me would have liked to be more perfectionist about the placing and silhouettes, maybe even make a message with the swags, but…. it was far more important to get the pretties up before I got too chilled and stiff to function!

Some passers-by were very encouraging, a Sikh cabby gave us a cheering thumbs up! A guy from equatorial Africa was a bit out of his depth, being new to the temperate zone and winters, but loved the colours, so much goodwill on both sides there…I went back next day to take photos in the sunshine and it’s nearly all still there, I will collect what remains on Saturday…

I wish you all a happy and creative festive period, celebrated or not as suits you!

As a happy daoist I will be making art and chilling out with some treats and offering support to peeps having a hard time fitting in the boxes other people want to put them in at this time of year…so I remind you all how perfectly you do the job of being you, and that that is all the world asks of you…breathe, relax, smile, be creative…and I will do the same!