Halcyon days are peaceful and golden, but not summery, as most people think, they are around the winter solstice, when the halcyon bird made her nest on the Aegean Sea, and the waves calmed…

STA43870-001I had a lovely restful couple of days, and then woke up in such a sunny mood today, a real bonus (I’ll spare you the photo of heavy rain from pearl grey skies!) with a feast of satisfying brusho, roller/ pressprint and chinese script pages prepared for some journals.


I got as far as tearing the last photographic pages from some broken books so the remnants could go to recycling and then I cut interesting shapes for my collage stash and making more pages… so my collage prep shelves have new toyboxes, very pleasing…


the middle stack are all new, candles, buddhas, gardening and organic ( that’s things like woodgrain and garlic bulbs)

yes the stack on the left does include nuns! i got a book in a charity shop of old photos of ‘nuns having fun’ and have used lots of the images making birthday cards, nuns hula-hooping, on rollercoasters, sneaking a cig…

and the proverbs from different countries are also amusing – this one is Greek :

no one can make a crab walk straight

-very true!

then there are upcycled chunks of quilt leftovers and machine embroidery samples from cards that didn’t sell, all manner of oddments can help make a page look interesting…

the next batch of eye candy should include some buttons and felt embellishments, depending on whether I keep working on this or switch back to the cones or the mixed media piece 😉

Wishing you all a happy, peaceful and CREATIVE 2013!