Lots of eyecandy to follow, but first an explanation…

I’d like to have an exhibition this year or next (depends on how slow the progress on the whispering wall installation is, and I’ve barely started!) and as I’ve only just cleared my overdraft, I don’t really want to get into debt over it, so I’m thinking of doing a kickstarter thing, where I ask people to help fund the exhibition and then certain pledges get rewards (what on top of seeing the xhib happen? yes, cos that’s the way i roll, peeps…)

So these are pages for handmade books, which will be for encouraging creativity, some pages will have starters, some blank canvases, some nearly complete…in a variety of media…I see people buying the books for themselves or for friends to use as albums and art journals. I’m thinking I’ll include a pack of loose materials too, because that way it can be almost self-sufficient and suitable as a holiday/retreat project.

So much happiness over this! Harvesting from the stash, upcycling lots from the warm-up exercises and spares that accumulate, the works-in-progress that are looking like ufos that can never phone home 😉 too good to throw away, too sad to see them sitting waiting to be played with…

So these are pages waiting to be assembled into 6 books, with more to follow:










Apologies that the some of the photos aren’t such great quality, it seems to be a problem that is a combination of slight camera shake and focus issues when I’m tired…plus my cat being helpful 🙂

Nonie would like you to know that this interferes with her nap routine terribly 🙂