south notts work 022

Actually I’m not sure what the weather was like yesterday or today, I’ve slept most of the last 48 hours..

Real classic fibromyalgia eyes drooping, then waking up 3 hours later and seeing the cat played five in a row while I was napping and my score has dropped sadly 😉

I overdid it last week, sigh, and the only thing to do is grin and bear it…and grab some colour from previous work and use it to pull myself into a better place…

This was an assessment piece for City and Guilds Machine Embroidery, we had to make a piece showing extended use of an automatic stitch (one the machine is preset to do.) I used what I call ziggurat stitch, no one could tell me a ‘proper’ name for it, it’s a staggered pyramid/heavy zigzag, and by playing with the stitch width and length, you can make it look like weaving…and if you belong to the singing bird more is more school of embellishment, the piece will be encrusted by the end! 😉 I made a couple of dozen strips of fabric from ribbons and remnants with the stitching and then loosely braided them to make a halter style scarf/adornment…it was half way to fabric jewellery and would have looked fantastic over a plain black outfit…I was really into making wearable art after that 😉

south notts work 017

And seeing all that zingy orange, cobalt blue, aqua and violet is SSSSOOOO energising!

Now, to have a shower or to play with felt tips?