see: a happy student in shiny patent  lilac doc martens, black leggings, a vibrant flower patterned vintage frock, a  green duffel and bright violet scarf in bright sunshine under a blue sky, dancing like a harlequin down the grey street…

a djembe drum on its side in a window, bright red and orange and canary yellow with black lacing

a pinky /apricot/ lilac twilight as i come home

all the different marks in the snow, crisp footprints, speckled bird tracks, slide marks left by schoolkids, dottles of thaw drips under  trees and roofs, tire tracks of bikes and cars and buses

thaw water in ice or slush in a dozen shades of white, grey, beige, brown, grey….

hear: the clang of the tram turning into slab square

the silence of no fountains!

a heavy, full, drip drip drip of snow melting off the porch roof under the window of the therapy room

less! the snow muffles some of the traffic at rush hour when i am back home in bed

squeaky complaining miaows from nonie as i let her out and then quickly back in

happy growling  and scrabbling paws as she chases and ‘kills’ the quilt remnant i dangle for her

smell: snow…a sort of metallic tang in the air

the bakery in lidl wafting fresh cheese topped rolls deliciousness over the store

the homeless man in the next aisle, sour sweat and his dog, who i saw waiting for him as i came in, a heavy alsation, they keep each other warm…

taste: hot coffee with lots of creamer and then lemon squash wakes me up!

chewy  cheese roll with fresh crisp, organic lettuce from the box delivered this morning, wondering how it didn’t get frosted…

feel: precarious walking down a path i only now realise is north facing! polished ice and searingly cold metal handrail, even through my favourite brown marl handwarmers

confident in my new boots walking through the thawed slush as i turn south

cold toes nip!

happy in my new pashmina, that goes so nicely with my woven wool blanket cape, cosy but free…

rested and warm,  ready to make, sore hands from the cold, but happy

STA43944different textures of the pages i sort for the handmade books, thick, felty pelmet vilene printed and stippled with acrylic, shiny glossy photographs from a remaindered book on the history of wallpapers, soft, mulberry rich indian handmade paper with raised metallic thread jagging across the seams where i’ve stitched remnants together, powdery brusho and silky wax patterned packing paper, felted wool, prickly and soft all at the same time,with bright matt cherry red buttons sewn on, overstitched with machine cords, pretty but puckered with all the over stitching, smooth linenweave with calligraphy print, mesh pressed fine rolled rag paper, rough cheap bought felt with slinky chinese washing silk embellishments, painted heavy net curtains, rough and stiff with gaudy acrylic on guipere patterns!