In theory, these handmade  books should be fairly similar…in practice, I suspect they will each have their own feel. I haven’t counted, but this second book feels like it has fewer fabric pages, so I find myself trying to vary the text more, with more stencilling:


– this may have more added, but I like the feel of it how it is, for now. As soon as I added the ‘serenity’ all kinds of images demanded to join this section…because the images are not mine, but taken from a remaindered book, they WILL have more added, or it would be an infringement of the photographer’s copyright, morally, if not legally…
so these are the base for more to come, and will be added to in ways that harmonise with my own style…if you look at the dots on the net curtain stencil sheet, they will extend across the Tara’s hands…which means I may be buying a gold marker tomorrow…or I may use nail varnish 😉 I’m actually allergic to nail varnish, it makes my skin and nails itch horribly, but I have about 20 colours I use for adding to dark coloured images or upcycled plastic surfaces…my Marisota parcels come in lovely teal and green plastic that I’ve cut up for pages, which photograph really badly, but can look stunning.

The embossed candle decoration will be picked up with upcycled gold foil and/or pyrography – ooh I haven’t played with my wood burning tool for ages, and when I sorted a couple of boxes of diy tools out over xmas, I found more of Andy’s burning tools, old silver fish knives he’d cut and shaped to make brands! Mmm, if Cherise fancies playing with those on Friday, there may be updates to these images at the weekend 😉

I have some charms of paintbrushes and other tools, so I might add those to this spread:





So many possibilities!