If you are feeling in need of quiet, restorative elegance, best run away now 😉

If on the other hand, you are tired of cold grey ice and slush…






———– it’s taken me a  long time to spot that these dots are very like the slow cloth stitching/sashiko/boro meditative sewing I admire, check out pinterest for examples: http://pinterest.com/tinselfairy/spirit-cloth-slow-cloth-talismanic-blankets-waggas/

In fact, it was only on Wednesday when I was stitching the mother of pearl buttons to the page (the other side has a small collage of paper, foil, and beads, so this stitching is from that, but had to be turned into something 😉 ) and then dotting round, that the link revealed itself…I find it quite amusing that when I put two ‘fails’ together, I can make something new. I haven’t the patience and/or confidence to do sashiko, mine always looks clunky to me; neither am I as fluid with felt tips and colour pencils as I am with paint. But out of those two inabilities has come this increasingly enjoyable dottiness 😉

daoist laughter! two wrongs CAN make a right!