Oh, I had such fun sewing buttons onto the ‘spine’ of the cover this morning! And then had to wrestle a bit to get the cover sewn to the end signature pages. I’ve made an adapted coptic bind, (she speaks a strange foreign tongue!?! stay tuned it gets clearer 😉 ) so that the end recipient can add pages to each section/signature. In the quote albums (click that tag!) I arranged it so that a new signature could be added, but I thought pages might be less daunting/more inviting.


Can you see the knotted ties? These are easy to untie and add more pages to, you would just use a tapestry or leather needle to make holes in your page, thread the cord onto your needle and pull through the new centre page, gently! or sad disaster will occur, but easy enough if you can use a needle, and then retie the knot.

It is a very satisfyingly chunky thing to heft, and some of the pages are now favourites, like this one (which I am hoping to get Keith’s skills, spoons and camera aligned to take a better photo of on Friday) but this gives you an idea 😉


I am now hooked on dots, the slow stitch/ bead embellishment style is starting to really flow, as I place cutouts on the background I’m looking for interesting dottiness to follow 😉 (laughter off stage) and as I lucked into a remaindered calendar of medieval maps last week, I have more fun lined up, all those coastlines…

Jennifer came by on Saturday and gave me pretty things, I wound a bobbin off each of these variegated threads (oooh, variegated, mmm)


and then out of the blue she said how lovely it was to see how wholeheartedly I had thrown myself (in a fibro way!) into making the handmade books, how all my seemingly random skills are coming out to play…I was living in her house in 2000 when I was at my most minimalist and painterly and now I am maximalist and mixed media: all change! My commitment to creativity against the odds is what my new doctor commented on on Thursday too, so I feel very affirmed!

And I am having so much fun, and getting to play with so many toys! I got my heavy tin snips out to cut up can discs and Nonie’s (bargain) posh cat food terrines and a lid off a bottle of Purdey’s elixir…mmm!! I wish that would come back in the pound shop! I’ve cut some shapes and next I want to emboss/imprint some patterns with my springloaded punch (very underused toy) pattern heads and then brand them…oh, just thinking about it makes me smile!