don't walk on the grass!

For anyone who’s not sure what they’re looking at, this is grass being protected in a heavy use play area by rubber grid matting…supportive structures can go wrong, supportive/ creative/ positive thinking/ problem solving is always available…

My freezer just went wrong again, so the creative energy that should be playing with my new tripod (oh yessy!) and recording new pages…is being channeled into making a giant pot of stew…to which I will add red wine vinegar, to be sure it keeps ok over the next few days…It’s not what I want to do tonight, but at least that’s meals sorted for a few days…energy spoons stolen here, will be replaced as I don’t have to cook later in the week 😉

Potluck Hotpot

lots of veg!

today’s vegbox: 3 leeks, carrots, broccoli

freezer salvage (don’t worry I am a veggie so there is no chance of cross contamination from meat, and I have done the swap dance so every 12 hours stuff has been rotated to the fridge freezer for a boost of cold) peppers, peas, stirfry mix

sauce: approved foods delivery to the rescue… a posh version of cream of mushroom soup, to which I will add 1/2 litre of boiling water with black pepper, nutmeg, paprika, mustard, dried garlic and at least 3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar

it could have been tinned tomatoes, the organic tomato puree I had from approved foods, marigold bouillon powder or gravy…but today it snowed, so rich and creamy seems right…

Served with organic potatoes from the veg box or noodles from the approved foods mountain or toast or naan bread …pot luck, depending who comes for tea 😉