If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. But if you can’t do it well, do it badly.

Just DAO it  😉

I made a lot of badges with that on for my first solo exhibition in 2001 and they were quite popular, as NIKE’s ‘just do it’ was big at the time…

I tried a different way of binding the sections (signatures) of the maps book, and it was a lot easier, quicker and hopefully my hands won’t be in such pain as they were with the first book, where I stitched the front edge of the spine of the first section to the front cover, and the back edge of the fifth section to the back cover.

This time I doubled the cords that I run through the signatures back on themselves and then sewed them down to the cover. Much easier to manipulate, and perhaps a quarter of the time involved….it seems to work pretty well, too, the cover of this book is thinner, though quite densely quilted, but seems to be only slightly softer/floppier.



buttons-a-go-go for the spine again:


Photography is one of those things that has to be done well though 😉 I tried out my new tripod today, but need to get the hang of it more before making the slideshow…I started, but need to make some adjustments, more distance, more natural light so the flash won’t insist on going off and thus over exposing the image and figure out a better angle to take the shots at, I think this book is an inch/2.5cm deeper than the first one, because it has two chunky felted spreads in it.

But I am pleased with some of the metallic marker embellishing I did at the weekend,  so here are some teasers till I get the slideshow sorted, with a photo for Nonie-puss’ followers 😉 :