A lovely sunny day after weeks of snow and thaw brings out the reckless daredevil in every gardener πŸ˜‰ I treated myself to 3 bags of happiness at Vic Centre market plants stall – all this for Β£13.50 :

STA442363 pots of budding tete a tete dwarf daffodils (maybe 12 bulbs) in bright spring yellow

3 pots of dusky purple woodland violets, smelling very sweet…

3 pots of lamium, silvery and green

3 pots of beliss perennis daisies, in pinky redΒ  and lime yellow

3 pots of magenta and yellow violas


and a tangle of sweet peas I grew from seed in the autumn and was amazed to see survived the snow, or more to the point, my neglect, through drowning rain, ice and snow, high winds and being in the way of Ben and his chainsaw πŸ˜‰

The violets and some sweetpeas and a few daffodils are in the big tub by the front door – I promise I will go and tie the sweetpeas to the canes tomorrow!


And speaking of Ben and his favourite toy, see what he’s been up to:


that’s all the trees he pollarded in the last couple of weeks, so there will be light in the barbecue area, in front of his french doors and in all the windows on that side of the flats. The trees will grow back, but short and stumpy, not as the 25 feet high weedlings they were. And that’s a lot of fuel for the burner…

The guys also moved some big chunks of arborial ivy roots to the woodland border so I can play (er, make deep and meaningful serious art πŸ˜‰ ) and I put in the rest of the daffodils, using up some of the spent compost from Ben’s bucket garden – remember bulbs don’t like rich soil, they’ll go all leggy and green, lots of floppiness and no flowers if the soil is too rich. It was great having it to use as even with the tiny amount of digging that left, I slept 5 hours afterwards!!!!