I have started work on the charity application form, a depressing task as it involves digging out my c.v of the last 30 years and revisiting a lot of trauma…so after I’d put in an hour on it, I needed some playtime…those of a nervous disposition should look away now 😉

I started with these, still reasonably restrained, but just as I used to trample over my poor embroidery tutor’s sensibilities, there is a point of principle here: yes, less is more:


but you know what, so is :



which links to a lovely quote I found recently, by the usually thoroughly depressing Kierkegaard (or is that just me?)  I polished the awful wikipedia translation, a tad arrogant, but I’m fairly sure this is what he meant, cos I can see where the robot went wrong…and as our prose translation tutor used to drum into us, you are not translating each word, you are translating the full meaning. So, for me, more is more because more is ME…