Part 1 of button fun happened back in January, Cherise came round and we played with nail varnish (remember to do this in the summer, cos choosing between acetone high and snowy blast was no fun!)


Here is the card table  set up with lots of colours, lots of buttons, wipes and mainly Cherise’s work. See those blue, green and white ones? I was impressed and started to copy her. I found if I dragged a cocktail stick through the varnish, interesting things happened, so then, she started to copy mine and by the following day when I was trying to remember who did what…I was struggling 😉


On the whole I was a bit disappointed… but then when I got  all dotty with the gel pens, I really liked the effect…but then it seemed to never dry…rats! I wiped the gel off and accepted the metallics would work and I should try to find more colours to play with.

But then I found a sheet where I’d only wiped off half the buttons and…after a mere 4 weeks, the gel had dried!!! Cherise had told me I might just need to be more patient, but…after a fortnight I’d assumed the worst.

So, when I needed to do something without upsetting my dodgy arm, out came the buttons and the metallic and gel pens 😉


See how wet the gel ink is compared to the metallics?

It will take weeks to evaporate, leaving a colour trace behind, so I have put it on the mantelpiece (ignore the unwelcome insight into singingbird’s housekeeping 😉 )

Instead look at those pinky orange on ultra navy mixes, oh yessy! Or the neon green and red…

So I went back and re worked the ones I’d wiped off…

I have a bag of olive green big buttons like those extreme navy/indigo whoppers, and I think gold metallic and neon orange might be the way to go on them…

I didn’t need to take any painkillers while I was playing, and two hours flew by…art/craft distraction is sooo good for managing pain (for me)