Mmmm…I just re read my description of what I’m making to be fundraising pledge rewards, and you know what, it’s drifted… which is fine, because I have a better idea now! 😉 This is what is known as iterative process, doing it to find out what it is, as I like to define it. AKA life/process…;)

So all is well, but this seems a good moment to re state my intentions:

to fund an exhibition called the whispering wall, an exhibition of installations and films, with a major piece about the silenced

to use my stash/ upcycle art that I no longer exhibit to make pledge rewards: these should invite creativity or meditation/solace

ideas so far:

handmade books

i) a limited edition of 6, but one of a kinds (so far: green tree and damselflies; maps; mudras; pre-raphaelites & kimonos, probably armchair traveller and mandalas)

ii) an edition of 12 blankbooks, collections of pages to work on, from my piled up papers and fabric stash (oh, the joy of setting to and making lots more 😉 )

challenge/resource packs ( for art journalling/embellishment and card making/ATCs)

and some small art and craft, eg brooch/cards, wearable or frameable images, bags and cushion covers, solace/ scented sachets

I am beginning to see a ripple in my stash, more small boxes with neat labels 😉 and biggest crates starting to receive non-art items, I can’t tell you how exciting it is to think I might get to have a seat to hand sew in by the window onto the garden in the studio…and an empty table!!!

The distraction art dreaming creates is wonderful, but it requires a certain space to be possible: today I woke up at first light and wasn’t in pain…after 2 hours, I can feel I need to take the tablet, so I can take the tablets (??!?) but this has been a precious window 😉


I’m about ready to make some more of these components of the whispering wall, the cones covered in brusho paper. I have been doing a fair bit of freeform crochet to make the fishing net/clusters they will be gathered in, but I’ve yet to fully embellish any.

At first this piece was going to be about silencing of survivors of sexual abuse, but lately I’ve started to feel I want it to cover other abuses, political and economic too… I get frustrated when people argue among themselves rather than seeing we all need a better way of doing things…

so it will be interesting to see what happens as I make more, while my hands are busy, my mind thinks a different way 😉

ps: the top image is handmade paper drying on the line a couple of summers ago, a lovely day!!