I’m having an upside down time, struggling to keep my eyes open in daylight and then awake in the small hours…in lots of ways it doesn’t matter, though I feel a bit guilty running the tumble dryer at 10pm. So far today, I’ve done very little or lots, depending on how well you can scuffle along in my slippers 😉  a shower, washing up, loading the washer and sorting out a drawer of yarn is enough even with breaks to make my legs shake… And I hope to get some bubble wrap pressprinting done when the tumble has finished, but for now you get to see some playing with picasa editing suite from a few weeks ago. I’m wondering about printing these up and free machining on top…


The bottom three images are the same shot, but the final two have been neonized too… would make a lovely vlisco/batik fabric… It is amazing how far technology has come in 25 years… 😉