I have been amassing papers, so far: brusho in purple and green, also blue and brownSTA44545



Then bubblewrap pressprint in red, gold and black glitter paint with red stamps on top, I wasn’t at all happy with how blah the hearts turned out, so I kept at it and was pleased when adding spirals made for a much better effect


Then I played with wax resist, using latch hook rugging canvas and lego base board


again in blue  wax and brown paint and then purple  wax with maroon paint with glittery gold leftovers mixed in…

the wax is quite subtle, but will affect what gets through to the reverse…

I also played with folding effects, pouring paint onto a sheet, pressing a second sheet on top, then cross folding each to get patterns…mmm 😉


Not everyone was happy with three days of paper play…