mahatma gandhi: almost everything you do will seem insignificant but it is important that you do it

So compared to getting the British Raj out of India, I am on a downhill run, glissading with ease through fresh snow in bright sunshine, under azure blue skies šŸ˜‰

I have been processing stuff in my head and not my hands though…so now to regain some momentum, by finding a project I have already thought through, but need some inspiration for, to dream about. And then a mechanical task to work through in small stages with small wins; avoiding people whose situation is too difficult for me – I had a random phone call from a woman who liked some of my work in an exhibition 2 years ago, who is now on a manic high and wants to “help” me by telling Iain Duncan SmithĀ  how valuable artists like me are to the community (eek!); a non random call from someoneĀ  in a horrible situation, exacerbated by a history of mood swings who also happens to be very manipulative in ways she won’t recognise…it was very hard to not “rise to the occasion” again, but the occasion has been lasting over 20 years now, and the challenge fibromyalgia is setting me is to be self-ish and choose what works for me… and then not letting myself dwell on the ESA form and benefit changes, just working steadily through the necessary on it, heading for therapy to sort out the art world/family rejection links and

letting all that go!


making small things: