I came across a great quote today:

Virginia Satir: Problems are not the problem, coping is the problem.

– YES!

I’ve been wondering why some people annoy me, when they talk through problems. And my realization is: they are asking for sympathy.

And actually, I don’t do sympathy any more 😉

It so doesn’t suit my face 😉

Instead I’d rather  listen for where the pivot point of the problem is, so the answer presents itself and then the conversation is about smoothing the path…

That can be a high energy conversation with lots of laughter and happiness at breaking through/building bridges/ being parachuted to new territories 😉

It’s FUN. ProblemSOLVING is creative and therefore, FUN.

Yesterday I had a huge list of problematic tasks to schedule into a stupidly small amount of time, and, truth be told, I started doing that useless flapping which helps nothing. Then something clicked, phew! And everything slowed down, the Einstein effect 😉 when by relaxing you can think so fast that lots is achieved and for me, once I have a framework, I have a backbone.

I am trusting that the Council can let me take an extra few days to do a Health and Safety Assessment because I am disabled and it will be loads easier if I get a wheely seat. Not a wheel chair, one of those rollator (?) frames on wheels you push and then have a sit every now and again. Once I figured that out, I could process the “omg visibly disabled status/the fibro has gone this far, this fast ” sticky stuff  (denial/anger/grief) to get to: acknowledge/respond/move on. And I suddenly felt really peaceful…the time is right…because it is for making art? Laughing near myself…

I have such a history of struggling on and making do, and I love that art is the place I let myself spend money on myself, prioritize my spoons and forks, get my act together…and after all that I discover that rollators are really cheap! Less than two therapy sessions! And my gut feeling is this will help me get out and walk more, not less. I think somewhere in my head I felt if I used that sort of mobility aid, I was cheating, muddled up with, if I use one, I’ll stop walking. Well d’oh!

ee cummings: “the eyes of my eyes are opened”