singingbird sea change statement

I’ve googled but can’t find a way round this…what I’d like to do is copy and paste 3 sides of A4 to this blog page, but this is the best a bear of very little brain can do tonight 😉

If you’d like to read my carefully thought out expression of how and why I spent 3 years making  SEA CHANGE, (don’t hard sell it, brown bird 😉 ) then double click on the link and you will be offered options for how to read it…I wrote it in Libre Office, a free download office suite, because I find the Microsoft monopoly and media suppression/censorship by fake security alert deeply offensive, and therefore you may not be allowed to read it by Word…sorry/not my fault? shrugs? this probably won’t happen again, as one of the excitements of the last 24 hours was my new laptop adapter SPARKING on my bed…unlike the washing machine, which has waited three or four weeks SO FAR to get fixed/ replaced, I have ordered  a refurbished apple ibook at a bargainaceous price within 6 hours 😉 oh, and put the old adaptor back in, even though you have to twiddle the lead every now and again to keep the power…and as emachines have gone into administration so you can’t get genuine parts now, much lighter use of this laptop will preserve it while I learn mac. I also know to use the laptop off battery to lengthen the battery life now, thanks Penny! So I will never hammer an adapter so hard again…it gets twisted because I use it in bed but have to have it plugged in, sigh..


Interesting how priorities are set, isn’t it? The quality of my life depends on heavy use of the internet, even though I live a fairly simple life overall (European/0.9 – 1.1 planets on carbon footprint tests) and I manage lots of the time without the microsoft products, but every now and then I am completely hamstrung by a sequence of  assumptions on the part of big business… So I am prepared to go to Apple, also an irritating monopoly, and learn a new system, though it also harnesses microsoft now, so that I can just keep doing the 90% of my stuff which is nothing to do with the 10% they do control…because that’s the laptop I can afford that will let me prioritise art…sigh…

Daoist wisdom: forget perfection

Rudy Dutschke: work within the system to subvert it

And keep making art, because despite a now ex-friend telling me all the other things I SHOULD want to do to be what she considers a happy and positive person ( relieved that I’ve done so much therapy, projection slides off me!) if I had a few months to live would I spend them making art? Hell, yes!

Sorting out the washing machine requires thinking and choosing… [ Daoist Duke of Chou: for a simple life avoid choosing] so it’s still not done, replacement of my living-well and artmaking/sharing aid, easy peasy, took less than an hour 😉 and made a few friends laugh 😉 go on, you’re allowed too 😉