Well, my tree monkeys have done me proud 😉

So lovely to have friends who can do things I can’t, and Keith has taken some great photos again, mainly long shots, so once we have some details on a sunny and less windy day, I can make a slideshow…one shot I look like I’m about to fly away, which being of a sturdier build is moooost unlikely 😉

And happenstance meant the lime and cherry blossom was out all around us, so beautiful!


And now I am so tired I keep falling asleep at the laptop and my hands can barely clench or grasp 😦 but I have such a happiness from seeing this work – all the changes I had to make due to health and safety regs have shaped the installation, not really how I envisaged site-specific affecting it, 😉 but I have managed to make the dreadlocks a stronger feature again, and though I couldn’t dangle things the way I’d like to, people can touch…we got lots of smiles from families playing and passers-by, so I really hope it will be enjoyed locally…