I’m feeling a bit wordless and foggy after lots of talking to strangers at the park/installation and over facebook, so this will be  a brief catch up post. See More went off very well, I arrived all in a fluster because the cab driver had jammed the brake on my rollator and I could see my day getting hideously complicated, but Sofia and Daphne were lovely and Helen from Contemp helped get my giant ikea bags of sea change carried down. Once I had handed my bag of gardening kit to Sofia (as props for her performance) and handed over things for the refreshment table and set up my book on the plinth and artist cards and flyers next to it, I could sit down, take a breath and see that the others had everything in hand and very interesting things were on show/happening…I forgot to keep up with photos of the performances, but Sofia would weave among us, metamorphising from a jaded office worker to a happy peasant, all of us in the Space were invited by performers in the Studio (visible through the window wall) to ask ourselves if we saw more; Mary showed sword form (Tai Chi Ch’uan) and Daphne wore a costume with props for activities and rotated from her stand of more props round people (eg opera glasses). Then there was Stephen’s installation:



– sorry for poor photos, it was too big for my camera- and this is Colin’s piece about Google eye and how we will be the Big Brother watching us, how people want to see and not be seen…lots more! My piece you know about (see slideshow for more pages)


– Charlotte’s quilt really held its own in the darkness, it’s a very unusual theme, bats for good luck, and with her clocks makes an interesting conversation about what time means to us, what worth we attach to what we do and the way values are influenced by culture and personal situation


Kateline’s hug station had a lot of takers! here she is laughing with Colin and then Daphne…


Eulane held people enthralled with her poetry and her performance of Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s ‘The Invitation’, a lovely note to end on as it sent people out with thoughts of what they could do on a course like this…at least 2 visitors had come because they’re interested in attending the next class, and seeing how different all our responses were, but how much we had all enjoyed it and benefitted was really encouraging for them. We were lucky that Kevan, Gail and Claire could come too, though Anna was abroad still and other Chris’ new job is too far away for nipping by on his lunch hour… Chris said what an interesting group we were to tutor and how friendly we all are and Vesse (from the class I went to before xmas)  agreed what a happy bunch we seemed, some groups just gel better and this was definitely one of them!