I have been thinking about waste again, partly because I am reading Richard Girling’s ‘Rubbish! Dirt on our Hands and Crisis Ahead’


which is very interesting, and more general than the textile upcycling/waste horrors I read about in Kate Fletcher’s ‘Sustainable Fashion and Textiles’ for the Eco Garments course with Linda Lloyd Willis, some scary statistics on how much unused fabric, still on the roll is sent to landfill….noooooooooo!!!!

So, what is waste?

Something you don’t know how to find another use for, and nobody else does either.

Anything else is awaiting its next use or to be stripped down for parts – that includes nutrients eg worm farms eating food waste, compost heaps making potting compost while growing potatoes:

STA45047Β This is the compost heap in the front garden, it’s in 3 parts, this is the last stage, growing potatoes as it matures. When the potatoes are ready to harvest, I will riddle (big sieve) the potatoes and compost into separate containers (well, realistically I will be directing someone else, but you get the picture.) I will save the died down potato foliage for the newest compost, send the tatties upstairs to cook and the bucket of fine compost goes to the potting bench to use when I sow sweet peas and french beans or garlic. The coarser compost goes on top of the raised beds to feed them. What raised beds? That’s another post πŸ˜‰

There are things like tyres that annoy me: surely they should be compulsorily re used for shoe soles until the mountain has dropped a bit, it would make shoes last 5 times as long too, and even the girliest of girls could have a pair of ugg boots with real soles, I walk behind them, wincing at the soft soles worn down and wonky, giving them twisted posture and spine problems in years to come..

I could rant for ages….but…takes deep breath

Instead I will be constructive!

And make a pledge: 1 in 5 of my blog posts will be


and you are welcome to share the link for these, on your own blog or via Facebook. Best of all would be if you try them and write your own post about what works for you πŸ™‚


This is even more fun with kids of course, draw a face on a washed out egg shell and put cress seeds on damp cotton wool in the bottom, add a spray of water for 3 days or until it has green hair πŸ˜‰

They can sprinkle the cress on their salad or egg sandwich and once they realize they like little green things, grow alfalfa, the ‘superfood’ that has been used since mesolithic times (found in burial chambers, and amazingly, it still sprouted!) and that only takes 3-4 days. Or cress, or radish, or sunflower seeds…it’s so nice to grow something on your own windowsill with no waste! I put the seed packet in the papermaking pile, but you could make a notebook from all your packets and envelopes turned inside out, a couple of punched holes and a bit of string…voila! notebook πŸ˜‰