So even though it is hooooot! hothothot! hoooooooot! my hands still hurt, grrrr, and now my elbows have joined in, grrr.

Rassen frassen… The chiropractor has advised me to do less and avoid chopping in particular, rest with icepacks, and get the doctor to check it out, so now I have blood tests to come on Thursday to help with narrowing the diagnosis, though I suspect the real answer is fibromyalgia trigger points, sigh…

This is deeply frustrating, as I explained to the doctor, as I rely on making stuff to keep my moods buoyant…

So let’s try and apply creative thinking to handsfree living:


– meditation/ skywatching/ 5senses/ visualization

– foot spa/soak; moisturize and eye spa (slices of cucumber or cooled teabags, any green herbal is normally very refreshing)

hanging on in

– audiobooks, I use these regularly to help me sleep, but perhaps something more challenging? Non fiction or poetry rather than humorous fiction? My favourites are Barbara Rosenblat’s readings of the Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody series, her expressive narration adds a whole layer of enjoyment, and similarly with Ray Sawyer’s reading of the Tom Holt novels, but perhaps some more eco-politics/sustainability/climate change titles?

– youtube documentaries and dvds? I keep buying dvds but I find it very hard to sit still long enough to watch a whole film…but then that is the problem 😦

– design sessions. Permaculture thinking is based on thorough observation of the cycles of use and consequences of  respectful intervention in natural cycles, so if  I deliberately schedule times to have thinks/design times and used a voice memo rather than writing/drawing diagrams, that would keep my brain and moods engaged.

don't walk on the grass!

Meanwhile, Nonie and I wear similar expressions round the toys I cannot play with this week 😉 and I save my spoons for writing my appeal form to the DWP, no I am NOT well enough to return to work, d’oh!