I am having my end-of-summer wistfulness…the point where I forget how much I managed to do (two installations in parks?) and instead feel winter is going to shut me in and I’ve done nothing, wasted so many sunny days…

This is all unfounded! But somehow it happens every year, I just get better at reminding myself of truths to be grateful for:

my favourite season is AUTUMN, not summer 😉

as the nights lengthen I must make more effort to sit outside on sunny days and take vitamin D and play in the garden: look what I have to plant out: leeks, apricot agastache (mmmm) and cyclamen:


life is BEING not DOING

I have not made enough art this week because my hands hurt and I have been listing art and craft materials on Amazon, Gumtree and Facebook. Cherise has helped set all that up and she is doing the hardest bit (Ebay!) so my brain is a bit full now, but I also have ideas, I have cleared lots from the studio, but I still don’t have that crucial space to lay out my new mandala ideas (that have were sown in the halcyon retreat and are now pushing to the surface, just like the ginger root i planted 2 months ago 😉 ) too much and not enough, all at the same time!

it is full moon….fooooolmooooon….and feelings are amplified 😉

And here is some of why I am frustrated: this lovely collection cost £6.50 and a barter with TrulyHooked for her gorgeous bluefaced Leicester homedyed yarn…eye candy indeed, but I want to get started! And I know my hands hurt too much already…but I see the chiropractor tomorrow, so maybe at the weekend! Hold that thought, it is a candle for the next while 😉

STA45390Can you imagine how beautiful all this azure and sand and turquoise and burnt umber is going to be?

A candle for the early nights indeed…