i am having friday 13th on monday the 2nd…

my emails and laptop have been hacked/trojanned/malwared and i have had to switch to my backup laptop (points for having sorted that before i needed it) only to discover it doesn’t support picasa after all, so now i can’t use my photos…

rassenfrassen, rassenfrassen, grrrrr….

so, i will try and post on zero waste week tomorrow, when i am less frazzled… a friend has given me tips on what to do, so i may even get back on the main laptop and then there will be photos galore 😉

zero waste, i had so many plans and now not just i, but they are laid waste… boo to malware! and don’t open emails about parcels, EVEN IF you HAVE a missing parcel (which hasn’t turned up either…insult to injury..)

i shake my puny fist at the forces of darkness!

and hope that tomorrow is a better day 😉