So Greg from Fixers thought I “might like to make an upcycled banner for Fixers”… and though I have plenty of other things to do, it appealed, so I agreed, subject to the group giving me the wording and leaving the rest to me. Leaflet/ flyer by committee was sufficiently teeth grinding to make me set that boundary 😉 The group has a board they put up at the stall, which I like, it uses a bicycle chain for the e and duct tape for the x, so I plan to build on that style, using what I have to hand. 5 minutes gathering produced this:


– yes, he did ask the right person 😉 there is plenty more where this came from….it’s not that I hoard, but I can just see too many uses for things to throw them away 😉 I was given the gutterhooks by the Making Waves project who were given loads and asked me for ideas – I explained they’re used in greenhouses, but have snowflakes on, cos people use them to hang xmas cards on 😉 and suggested some uses in their garden and workshop room, and was given a packet from the mountain as a thank you…

So funky lettering on… mmm…what have I got lurking…and how big is it going to be…out with the squared paper:


The middle fix it! will be in brighter colours to make it jump out and bring eyes down to the stall.

It looks very plain, but remember each letter is an assemblage of buttons, hooks, screws, or an ethernet cable or some other funky thang…

The stall top is 3m x 1.5m (10′ x 5′) and luckily I have 2 curtains and a deconstructed duvet cover that will give me 3m x 1.3m and some fabric for ties. The duvet cover was home made by the way and lasted over ten years, but got holes in the top from someone dropping a lighted cigarette on it!! Eek! Being very dense cotton it didn’t flare up, but I cut it back into its blocks and cut out the holes in the top, washed it and put it away, for, as it turns out, this project 😉 The steel blue suits the off navy really well and is a good dark background, both fabrics are strong and can take the unusual drag of the lettering being done this way. The whole thing could have been a patchwork quilt, that’s an 80litre tub in the picture (I’m not sure if that’s what they expected) but that, my friends, is an enormous amount of work compared to this…I have plenty of fabric in my upcycled strips (left over from cutting for my ‘random plank’ duvet cover ( yes, to replace the other!) but will aim to use more unusual things where I can, I want it to be a talking point, as I notice some people come up to the stall and don’t quite know what to say, so it could be an ice-breaker… 😉