STA45181This is a repost from June about double cropping your summer compost heap by growing potatoes in it, and the ultimate zero waste food, sprouted seeds.

I recently had some tests at the doctors to do with mineral levels, and the doctor asked what my secret is, because my levels are so good 😉

I think eating alfalfa (the mother of all foods) and drinking smoothies that are 1/3 blended fresh fruit and 2/3 chilled herb teas (organic ginger and mandarin is a favourite 😉 ) keep my levels really high…having fibromyalgia, I can’t take any exercise as such, but I have a lot of experience from having worked in vegetarian catering, so I do make good food and then freeze it for the days I can barely stand.


I also swear by sitting out in the sun and getting my hands in soil every week – the probiotics in soil are really, really good for mental and physical wellbeing, there was a report in the Lancet a couple of years ago on a study showing health improvements for a range of illnesses by simple gardening therapy.

I really like my new doctor, he is very supportive, and we laughed at the results, because apparently no one has results this good – so WHY am I ill? The mysteries of fibro, eh?

Vegans, be aware I mention using egg shells to grow cress in to engage the littl’uns – of course there are alternatives, draw a face on a soya-yoghurt pot instead 😉