After  much ironing, picking up and removing of the furry one, and very little pinning (hurrah!) due to the nature of the components, I thought I was ready to start sewing.

But then I couldn’t find my embroidery hoops…a vague memory of lending them to someone hovers uncertainly… so I had to wait until Suella brought round her 18″/45cm hoop, the biggest I’ve ever used, but great for this project.

STA45640The shower curtain hooks were mindblowingly difficult to attach and Nonie had them out by the next day…whitelipped silence!! That cat leads a charmed life and has me wrapped round her every paw…see the “oooh, look, it bounced” pose ?

Inspiration struck and I reached for  the remnants box and made an easy T from the leftovers of a football kitbag I made out of a charity shop pillowcase for a little Hartlepool fan. The ice lolly sticks can wait for another section – I need to drill holes to make them easy to attach, an ideal thing to ask someone to do at the Fixers stall on Saturday 😉

Instead out came the giant straws I saved from the Nottingham Contemporary Class visit to the Asiana bubble tea cafe (I had iced coffee, a close second to the best iced coffee I ever had, which was in North Korea in 1989, when I was speaking at the World Festival for Youth and Students, I had one everyday – 35p, when a packet of 20 Korean cigs was 27p!! ooh, and worth every penny 🙂 )

That zip is indeed the spare zip from the tutorial on how to 100% upcycle a pair of trousers, if you spotted it.


As you can see, the weight is very uneven and the stitching on the back is not as neat as I would like it to be…so I have added a reinforcing panel, which hides some ugliness and helps with the drag as it has extra quilting lines to be added – I chose a ‘new leaf’ satin stitch automatic pattern.

I should have ironed it all again, you can see the hoop mark, but ironing is one of those things that has me in bed for two days, so instead I’ve hung it on a noticeboard to let the creases drop out 😉

I added the extra dot on the i, because the stitched one didn’t seem to show…but now it does, so I think it’ll have to come off…I’m no perfectionist, but I do have some standards 🙂