I feel a bit stymied in the garden, I need help to do what comes next on almost every single task. By great good fortune, I have a couple of hundred pounds coming in from a gas rebate (fuel, not petrol!) AND they’re reducing my direct debit by half, so now I can afford a homehelp every week or perhaps a homehelp and a garden help 😉

Meanwhile, when I look at what has changed in the garden since May last year, I realise I need to stop and smell the roses!! The area I most loved when I first came was the drive, with its country lane feel, bluebells and ivy and very mature trees – the copper beeches are listed for protection. The north lawn is so pretty in late spring when the violets dapple it with purple…but so much has been added or taken away to enhance it all since, and it’s easy to forget how bare it was, so many weed trees had to be cut down to let the light in so Ben could have his badminton lawn, and suddenly flowers popped up out of nowhere and plantings flourished…

More is already right than I have been noticing, mostly because I know how quickly an unweeded border gets out of hand! The holly and ivy that Ben hates are saving the borders right now though, ivy is an excellent groundcover and very attractive I think, the variegated patterns and shapes really please me. So more relaxing and less fretting would be the best plan!