So there is the space we make in our heads, the time we clear in our schedules, and then…there is the space we need physically to be able to make the art…

They can all be demanding to organise, but as I have my flat to myself (hmmm, not sure Nonie agrees with that…) and have to pace to my fibromyalgia, but not to the phases of the moon and Andy’s bi-polar mood swings and the needs of the allotment garden any more…I have a lot more leeway than most people.

And STILL I struggle to keep a space for making, beyond the area kept for the sewing machine! And I almost always have to clear a space to take photographs or make brusho/ wet paint/ print papers… I suppose the flat is pretty small, but I do have a bad clutter habit since Andy died…apparently it’s a quite common symptom of bereavement, and developing fibro has NOT helped, as I dusted today, I found my 3 missing dusters, abandoned at various points as I either got tired or distracted 😉

I have lots of exciting possibilities in the pipeline at the moment, and one, which I’ve now turned down, gave me an idea for an animation, stop start and simple dissolves, before you get too excited 😉 It’s all great, but this would be a VERY GOOD TIME to get and STAY organised. So… for your delectation,




I went into the studio…

STA43875  yesss….it was very bad… but not as bad as this photo, phew, as the red dressmakers dummy found a new home in June, the spare mattress has gone to the cellar and some of the rubble had been moved around so the storage heater could be lit. What storage heater?

STA46034also, can we have a round of applause for that wall space!!!

My homehelp really earned her money this week, this was the first time of her coming weekly, so she spent an hour moving, lifting and following increasingly rubbish instructions and then a quick hoover of the bedsit and kitchen, a lovely fluffed up bed for me to topple into and much basking in the glow of visible and inspiring changes!


There is an immense amount of clutter, sorry ART MATERIALS, in the boxes on the table to the left. What table? The table holding all the boxes up? Obviously?

STA46027 That’s my big mid-arm quilter sewing machine under a dust cover at the back, and this space is now filled with the mystery object I need to make the animation, but the EMPTY TABLE did exist…for maybe 30 minutes 😉

STA43873These paintings were unwrapped and hung in the bedsit and hallways a while ago and various items had gone on the rack – the cat carrier, bin bags of quilt wadding… So having cleared the cat carrier to the big overhead shelf in the toilet which was being wasted, this could happen:


STA46031 seven SEVEN seven boxes/bags of ‘tricky things’ I don’t know how to deal with (omg). What I DO know is that I don’t need anything in them for the next two months when my critical path is finishing two installations, making an animation and probably a commission. Staggers off to dark room, muttering incoherently 😉




So, any more? Well yes, a little something I prepared earlier: TA DAH!



The altar has been moved up onto the shelf, because when I moved the CDs and player across that shelf fitted to the millimetre! The purse you can see standing up was made by Peta Keigtley, of Common Threads, a treat to myself I keep on show for inspiration. I also made space for the velvet chair and put the cloth over where the clawed one has been frolicking, sigh…

Lest you now imagine all is perfection, here is my To Do pile:

There’s a sofa under the pile and someone will be sitting there tomorrow (mah jong night 😉 ) so I have to

STA46042move the button that got dragged out of place on the macquette/sample for ‘Torrent’

sew the knitted squares for the Knitathon into strips

sort the yarn into project boxes

find a place to stack the boxes

I have till 3… ;0

and then to the chiropractor… to put me back together again after my exertions!

A treat to remind me what all this is for: a close up of the Torrent macquette – fibre art is sooo pleasing 😉

torrent dee fairchild 90x35cm £80detail torrent dee fairchild