So, much laughter, cake and coffee, all in a good cause 😉


Luckily it was a sunny day, if a tad chilly, but hardy Maria (she’s from Russia!) arrived early and stayed late (what a gem! Eleanor and I so enjoyed meeting her 😉 ) and kept me company outside the shop, to raise awareness of what we were doing. Lots of people noticed us and approved, some to the point of donating and one knitter asked for details to quickly knock off more squares to send in – by the sound of it her local group would be up for it too, so I think it was worth it! Of course the KN shop is not large, and as an agoraphobic I would never have made it through to 6pm inside, but Eleanor brought us coffees and the glow of virtue kept us warm 😉

Inside, there were shifts of knitters and sewers – 168 squares were made into strips of 12, another 100 or so squares are yet to come in, we raised £15 on the day, have sponsors of £250 plus to collect and one huge contribution has been sent direct by someone who hit her whole office up for three figures!

There was a lot of fun in this, at some point people started swapping stories of what tall tales they were told as children, Jemma was very amusing…her grandad was a right card by the sound of it, did you know haggises are only born to Scottish sheep? and they have two legs longer than the other to make it easier to climb hills?


I’d brought cake, mmm, sticky crystallized ginger and Eleanor had jaffa cakes to fuel us, and when I left about 6ish, they were still going strong 🙂

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way, I’ll keep you posted on final figures for squares and sponsor money! Anyone who wants to donate direct, here’s a link: or text  70070  with the message  DOUBO 1 £10