It was lovely to have enough spoons and nothing planned so I could get out my 12metre roll of taffeta, which I’d embellished a little last week, and start trying out more colours and elements with it. This is the breakaway piece, in a very similar palette to ‘whispering wall’, blues, browns and brassy-golds, which is about water and how we waste it in Britain. We flush away toilet waste with prime drinking water (there are some new eco-builds where ‘grey’ water from the washing machine/shower etc is channeled to the toilet tank) and 6 – 8 LITRES at that…waste on waste…At least put a bottle of tapwater in your tank to help fill it and save water, very few times does the flush need to be that strong. My new neighbour in Flat 1 works shifts, so I am trying not to flush the toilet as often – or let Nonie out the squeaky window!

I used to complain about paying water bills until I stopped to consider how much work the company is doing – clean, safe filtered water and sewage/drains for £220ish a year? Bargain! I do wish they were nationalized again, because things for the benefit of the community shouldn’t be trying to make a profit for shareholders when the sewage pipes/tunnels need replacing…but householders shouldn’t be putting substances down the toilet a business would be fined for – British sewers’ number one problem is fat, every time a chip pan gets emptied down a drain instead of put in a bottle and sent to landfill or BETTER YET used for biofuel, it adds another 2 litres to the problem.

I was in the shower this morning and found myself thinking more about this wrong usage and how I would highlight that by sewing mirrors and abalone shells into the coils and chains that make up the torrent of water and waste. I had been feeling a little guilty about not being able to source as much industrial salvage for this, but then it occurred to me that this is a perfect way to highlight the waste, to use ‘treasure’ to embellish the water elements and salvage for the waste. Brace yourself for posts on humanure in the future 😉


I made some more freeform chains with the most delicioso mixes of laceweight, silk remnant, pompom yarn and a gold and black glitter yarn Eleanor gave me, mmm, so next I will bundle these together, with the smaller chains braiding round the big loops of the taffeta. To give you some scale – the taffeta made two loops from a metre of embellished fabric 😉 Big!


The better quality images are taken with my new camera, which due to my main laptop being at the menders, I’ve not had enough playtime with, yet 😉 The poor guy is trying so hard to fix it, and has lent me my hard drive in a spare laptop so I can have a catch up day with blogging and photography etc! So here are some more detail shots of the taffeta, with not much processing as the poorly laptop was on meltdown just holding a 1MB image…anyone who has the Bigdog trojan/malware in their Skype/Logitech, be careful, it’s a pig 😦