Oh, I gave myself such a nice birthday present this year! A hardworking team called Spade and Sparrow (spadeandsparrow@gmail.com) came and spent 2 hours making this:



I forgive you for asking what exactly this is…it’s an unhappy wilderness that has overtaken the north end of the big Victorian rockery. It is a mess of spotted laurel (ugh) brambles with not very nice blackberries (the ones on the other side are lovely) and tatty undergrowth. Under which, but I accept you have no reason to believe this šŸ˜‰ is a lovely ring of rocks and an interesting old sycamore trunk!


Stretching across a distressingly large swathe of the area nearest the house, and with fibromyalgia, offering no way in… which as I wanted to plant the end of the rockery and next year aim for another raised bed to match the lovely one Ben in Flat 2 built… made for a feeling of failure and disempowerment. The team came and worked wonders, revealing exactly what I’d dreamed of, interesting rocks, lovely rich forest garden soil, and a way to expand the veg garden with a cottage/potager area šŸ™‚



They were really happy to work in my landspirit style, where as little as possible is made someone else’s problem or wasted. Some particularly vicious brambles and holly were bundled up and put in the dry shade top border to add some nutrients as they compost, the laurel was put in a corner I want to knock back (laurel is toxic) as it is growing the wrong things šŸ˜‰ and the friendly weeds were put in the compost heap. One compost heap was brought across and spread on the cardboard mulch where a raised bed will be, and a second will be set up in this area ready to feed and fill the new bed. Containers that have been in the way elsewhere are now holding the mulch down and I have lucked into some paving slabs and a friend has gifted me another hour of Spade and Sparrow time to re -lay the weedy slabs and the new ones with sand or gravel in the New Year! So exciting šŸ™‚