I’m topsy-turvy at the moment, my alert time is after midnight and my best sleep seems to be after feeding Nonie in the morning, and then about lunchtime I try to surface and get a grip πŸ˜‰ on anything! I have been having a lot of spills lately, shaky hands seem to be more frequent, perhaps because the rollator is getting harder to use, a knock on effect of all the benefit scrounger propaganda is that it seems increasingly difficult to get the bus drivers to drop the bus (make it kneel) to take the rollator on without having to hump it over a gap, or up. They also start without waiting for me to get brakes on and settled! Eek!

All this makes everyday tasks more tricky, pacing more of a challenge. And I try to keep it a creative challenge, not a dreariness, and having treats and things to look forward to, definitely helps. I have lots of those, lucky me! Next year is looking very exciting art-wise πŸ™‚

Loudest Whispers 2014

I went to an interview before xmas and was delighted to find out the curators wanted not just the piece I had submitted ‘Diversity is our Strength’, but more! I had only entered that as I was supposed to be making a commission and holding the inaugural exhibition at a new project in Derby. After being messed around on basic disability info like having to ask for the address 6 times and getting no confirmation of travel expenses to assess the space ( 4 taxis and 2 day returns even with a disabled railcard rate for me and supportive friend does not come cheap!) I had knocked it on the head, but had assumed it was too late to add anything to the LW14 show. I had such a lovely time with the guys though, and it turns out ‘Sea Change’ will be going down too! More is planned too, but I’ll save that for when I have photos πŸ˜‰

So I have work in London, from February till April πŸ™‚

I also attended a BlankAtlas Collective meeting and they might be getting on board with the art side of Peace Week 2014 in September. I’ll know more after planning meetings in January, but Peace Week has permission from Nottingham Peace Garden and Nottingham Interfaith Trees for Peace to make art at the two sites and then there are discussions bubbling on having an amble for peace between the two as one of the events. My hands are enjoying making a new installation about the wasted treasure of water which will probably be part of this. I’d also like to have an indoor venue, probably a pop-up exhibition, but of course I will have to watch my spoons very carefully as exciting is good, pressure and demands are bad for fibro…

I have been thinking of how to start some fundraising for the art side of Peace Week, and came up with some postcard designs. If you would care to comment on which designs you like, I’d be very appreciative. It’s easier if you’re on facebook, but comments here are lovely too!

At last, you cry: eyecandy! enjoy! πŸ™‚

All the images are mine, except the very first one, which I’ve edited from a photograph by Keith, taken during the great filming of open and shut…

IMG_1548-002keep growing

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